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Orthodontists, or doctors who correct dental and facial abnormalities, have designed to improved variations of the metallic brackets over time. Aside from the full metal brackets, which were the first ones introduced in 1950s by Dr. Edward Angle, also available now are the clear plastic and ceramic brackets, and the gold brackets.

Plastic brackets are semi-opaque, while the ceramic ones resemble glass and thus look transparent while in the teeth. These developments are on top of efforts in modern orthodontics to make braces comfortable and acceptable more now than ever before. Today you see a 30-something corporate employee wearing metal brackets, and even 40 and above can be seen with them in place.

Several years ago, wearing metal brackets for the teeth (commonly known as braces) became a status symbol among the young. Teenagers were seen wearing braces in various colors and designs. Today it is popular for everyone to wear braces because straight teeth are good.

  Dr. Claire Anonuevo-Magbalon
DMD Dentist
General Dentistry /Orthodontics
Dr. Allan E. Dela Rosa,
DMD, Dentist
Preventive and General Dentistry

Dra. Leila D. Placer & Dr. Dennis Placer
DMD Dentists
General Orthodontics and Dentistry

Some of the treatments that a qualified dentist can provide
  • Consultation
  • Prophylaxis / Cleaning
    • Mild
    • Smokers
    • Severe
  • Extraction / Exo:
    • Temporary Teeth
    • Permanent Teeth
    • Hard Exo
    • Third Molar Impaction
  • X-Ray (Peri-Apical)
  • Restoration / filling
    • Temporary Filling
    • Permanent Filling
    • Amalgam
    • Light Cure
    • Cavity Preparation
      with out Filling
  • Pit and Fissure Sealant / Tooth
  • Fluoride Treatment
  • Root Canal Therapy / RCT
    • Ant. Teeth
    • Post. Teeth
  • Tooth Whitening)
  • Retainer
    • With design (Non-Functional)
    • Without design (Functional)
  • Jacket or Full Crown / Bridge
    • U.S. Plastic per Tooth
    • Porcelain per Tooth
    • Build up per Tooth
    • Post-Core Dowel
    • Recommendation per Tooth
  • Medicines
    • Mefenamic Acid 500mg
    • Amoxicillin 500mg
  • Complete Denture / CD
    • U.S. Plastic
      • Upper or Lower
      • Upper and Lower
    • Porcelain
      • China Made
      • German Made
    • Repair
      • Reline
      • with cast
      • Rebasing / Cleaning
      • Additional 1 Pontic
  • Valplast Flexible Denture
    • Full Denture
      • Upper or Lower
    • Partial Denture
      • Upper or Lower
        - Unilateral (1 side)
        One to four units
        - Bilateral (2 sides)
        Five to Ten Units
  • Ortho - Braces / Brackets
    • One Arch (Upper or Lower)
    • Both Arches (Upper or Lower)
  • Removable Partial Denture / RPD
    • U.S. Plastic
      • One Unit
      • Two Units
      • Three Units
      • Four Units
      • Five Units
      • Six Units
      • Seven Units and above
    • With One-piece Metal Framework
    • Porcelain
      • China Made
      • German Made
    • Repair
      • Reline
      • Rebasing / Cleaning
      • Additional 1 Pontic
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